Calvin Logie "Pappy" C. Logie Contractors Ltd.

Calvin and Corinne purchased land on this Lake just north of Hanover and raised seven children. 


Calvin started his own construction business when he was 19 with his younger brother Doug.   C. Logie Contractors grew quickly into a successful company and became well known for quality workmanship.  Their quality homes would typically sell for 10-20% over comparable homes on the market due to the sustainable strategies incorporated within.


What Kimberly realized during her studies, was that her Pappy had been incorporating sustainable technologies and strategies into his projects since the early 1950's.  He had introduced the area to Geothermal technology (a home he built for one daughter near Chesley), passive solar, passive cooling through building orientation, and storm water harvesting.  He also designed and built an Earth home for a family in Allen Park.


It wasn't until Kimberly moved to the Okanagan, that she learned from her mom, that Pappy had a dream of moving to the Okanagan to retire.  He too apparently fell in love with the Okanagan when coming through on a camping trip before Kimberly was born.  Calvin also has a grandson building Passive House Certified homes in Vancouver, Paul Shepski.

Calvin Logie "Pappy"

C. Logie Contractors Ltd.



Box 2531 Kelowna, BC V1X 6A6

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