Our team recognizes building occupants as key beneficiaries of high performance buildings. 

What is a Deep Energy Retrofit Renovation?

A process that improves existing buildings by using a comprehensive whole system approach, that focuses on energy performance and occupant comfort.


Not only do these renovations result in lower utility and maintenance costs, they reduce the buildings carbon footprint by incorporating sustainable technologies,

products and methodologies.


Renovations that can result in

up to 90% 

reductions in energy consumption

Exterior insulation application and new windows

Thermal imaging showing minimal heat loss after a renovation

Where to start?

Step 1: Contact us for a free consultation to hear about opportunities available.


Step 2: Complete an energy evaluation through Egnite Sustainability to determine priorities and potential 

             synergies within.


Step 3: Optimization of design opportunities: identification of strategies that reduce energy consumption                     throughout the entire building.


Step 4: A complete Deep Energy Retrofit proposal supplied to the building owner, including required steps to               meet set priorities, budget and schedule.  Recommendation of quality contractors and suppliers.


Step 5: Project management (optional) to ensure your project is a success from start to finish. A peace of                   mind integrated design process for owners/stakeholders. 

CHBA's Net Zero Reno Pilot call

for applications


Construction Retrofit

Contact us to find out more on how you can increase your

buildings performance and value, while saving hundreds of

dollars a month in energy costs.



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