Renovations that can result in

up to 90% 

reductions in energy consumption

What is a Deep Energy Retrofit Renovation?

A process that improves existing buildings by using a comprehensive whole system approach, that focuses on energy performance and occupant comfort.



Common upgrades:

Test your air leakage - Complete an EnerGuide assessment. Rebates available.

Install new windows. Rebates available

Top up insulation in your crawlspace or attic.  Rebates available.

Upgrade expensive baseboard heaters to a heat pump with a COP of upto 4.  Ask us about Mitsubishi Cold Climate heat pumps for -30 C temperatures.


Upgrade your old furnace with a ducted heat pump system. $6000 rebate until March 2021.

Exterior insulation. Rebates available

Contact us to find out more on how you can increase your

buildings performance and value, while saving hundreds of

dollars a month in energy costs.

Construction Retrofit



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